Dr. Paula Kluth, Ph.D.

Dr. Paula Kluth is the founding member and principal consultant for Inclusion Rules LLC.

She is a consultant, author, advocate, and independent scholar who works with teachers and families to provide inclusive opportunities for students with disabilities and to create more responsive and engaging schooling experiences for all learners. She is a former K-12 special educator who has served as a classroom teacher, co-teacher, and inclusion facilitator. Paula has also been a university professor and has taught courses on both inclusion and disability studies. Most recently, Paula’s work has centered on helping teachers and administrators educate all students in their schools and classrooms. She also frequently works with families and advocacy groups to support goals related to inclusion. In addition to inclusive education, her professional interests include Universal Design for Learning, co-teaching, and educating students with complex support needs.

Paula is the author of more than 15 titles, including Universal Design Daily, 30 Days to the Co-Taught Classroom, Don’t We Already Do Inclusion?, You're Going to Love This Kid!: Teaching Autistic Students in the Inclusive Classroom, and All In: 18 Ways to Include All Students in Virtual Classrooms. She is also the author of books for children, including Coaster, a story of a puppy with wonderful wheels.

Paula has received numerous awards for her work. She is the recipient of the PEAK Parent Center’s Ally for Inclusion Award, the PEAL [Parent Education & Advocacy Leadership] Center’s Inclusive Education Champion Award, the National Down Syndrome Congress’s Educator of the Year, the Belle Center of Chicago’s Inclusion Advocate of the Year, and the University of Wisconsin’s “Forward Under 40” Award.


Universal Design Daily: Supporting All Students in the Diverse Classroom
Wednesday October 30th, 2024 @ 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

In today's diverse classrooms, even the most carefully planned lessons may leave some learners struggling to participate. In these instances, teachers may need to create on-the-fly adaptations to ensure that all students are included and supported. In this presentation, Dr. Kluth will illustrate alternatives to this retrofit approach to curriculum and instruction by discussing the benefits of Universal Design for Learning.


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"Don't We Already Do Inclusion?": Creating Schools & Classrooms for All
Wednesday October 30th, 2024 @ 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

Are you trying to learn more about inclusive schooling today? Do you wonder how to support students with disabilities in general education classrooms? Are you seeking new ideas for working in K-12 classrooms, collaborating with colleagues, and elevating your practice? If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions, this session is for you. The examples and illustrations in this presentation are designed to help participants understand that the pursuit of inclusion is not a destination, but an ongoing journey—even for those schools and districts that already identify as inclusive.


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